Occupational Hygiene

Need to comply with legislative standards or simply address worker health and safety concerns? With Certified Industrial Hygienists and highly trained occupational hygiene technicians, Western Health & Safety can help you address your hygiene needs.

From initial site walkthroughs and assessments to sample strategy development, and air sampling and analysis to control measure development, Western Health & Safety has the expertise and resources to meet your occupational hygiene requirements.


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The types of materials in your home that may contain asbestos are listed below:

  • Flooring: Vinyl tiles, Linoleum sheet flooring, and flooring adhesives.
  • Drywall joint compound.
  • Window and door caulking.
  • Textured or stipple-coated walls and ceilings.
  • Plaster and stucco (interior and exterior).
  • Cement board siding and under sheeting.
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles.
  • Loose, blown-in insulation such as vermiculite.
  • Roof shingles and mastic.
  • Pipe insulation.
  • Furnace duct tape.
  • Boiler and furnace insulation.
  • Door and gasket covers.


Yes, you can drop off bulk material samples for asbestos analysis between the hours of 08:00 and 16:30, Monday to Friday. We are located at 1636 12 Avenue SW, Calgary. We recommend you call our office prior to drop off to ensure we have a technician available. Each sample must be submitted separately in a sealed plastic bag.

We can do rush, next business day by 15:00, or 5-day turn around time for results. We ask that you submit your sample no later than 13:00. If you submit your rush sample after this time, we cannot guarantee rush results.